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Need help fine-tuning your interview skills? 

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Making the first impression is key when meeting with potential employers. This service will help you understand the importance of a cover letter and how to formulate one that shows off your skills and individuality! MyRelo Solution also provides extensive interview training, which includes role-playing for the real interview. As a bonus, we will prepare you for a proactive job search.

1 Crafting your Cover Letter


1st/ 2nd Paragraph 

Closing Sentence 

2 Prepare for your interview

Investigate the Company/ Reviews 


3 Crushing the Interview

5 Stages of the Interview 

Best replies to common questions 

Interview Role Play

4 Past Interview best practices

How to follow up without bothering 

5 Bonus: Proactive Job Search

Know the job you are applying for 

Search for your future Company 

Use of Social Media in your job search 

Informal Interview 

Connect with other employees 

Bonus: When to start looking for a job 

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