Housing Options

Individuals may choose to either buy or rent a home. Whether you choose to rent or buy there are a variety of housing types you may choose from to best suit you and or your family’s needs. Some common options are detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, apartments, condominiums.

Cost of Housing

Housing costs vary from region to region. Factors such as buying versus renting, location, type of home, size and a series of other factors influence the price. It is important to note you will be required to pay additional fees such as property taxes (if you buy), utilities (water, heat, electricity, etc.) and insurance.

Find the Right Home

One of the biggest deciding factors when buying a home will be how much you can afford. As a general rule, you can afford a home that costs two and a half times your annual income, according to CNN Money.


Let Us Help Find You A Home

Below we have outlined your housing options and the most important information you need to know before settling down in your new city. There are plenty of options to explore, let’s take a look! Finding temporary accommodation - MyRelo has brokers and agents in all parts of Canada and we can facilitate property rentals to start your journey in Canada. 




Each city offers a wide selection of temporary accommodations such as hotels or Airbnb’s, guaranteeing you will find one suited to your needs.  Prices will vary based on location, length of stay and amenities within the building (spa, patio, restaurants, etc.). 

Locate your next stay with us on the map. Enter your designated city and get an overview of pricing.




Furnished Apartment Solution – Short Term Lease (Less than 1 Year)

When looking for housing, if you are unable to provide requirements such as letter of employment, bank history, an established credit score or a co-signer a corporate hosing solution may be the perfect solution for you. 

Furnished houses or apartments allow a shorter-term stay, to give individuals time to settle in their new city. Most furnished options include a bed, sofa, appliances, TV, Wi-Fi, and a fully fitted kitchen.

Each rental property will vary in price depending on location, size of the home, what is included, and duration of stay. 


Unfurnished Housing Solution – Long Term Lease (1 Year +)

In order to be eligible for a long-term rental in Canada you must provide the following documentation: 

  • *Letter of Employment or a  Co-Signer
  • *Bank History 
  • *Established Credit Score 
  • *Provincial Police record check 

Newcomers who are able to prove sufficient months’ rent in advance or can have a local guarantor, may be exempt from providing a letter of employment. The acceptance of the exemption differs for every property. 


Student Housing

Every year, more international students are choosing to study abroad. As an international student, there are several factors to consider before making the transition, with one major factor being where to live.

If you decide to rent a private floor/ basement / apartment we are here to help you find an option. Prices vary depending on the area, number of rooms and no. of people living with you.


Buying a home

Buying a house is a large responsibility, and it is important to ensure you have all your finances in order before proceeding. 

It is important to first consider the following questions: 

1. Do I have the down payment? 

2. Do I have a steady income? 

3. What are the local market conditions? 

4. Am I ready to settle down? 

If you are ready to make this step, connect with us and we will connect you with our local realtor team.


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