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My Relo Solution Co-Founder / OwnerKrisztina Duggal

March 2020 started for me as extremely frustratingly. I desperately needed a vacation, which was booked and organized to beautiful Panama to get away from the corporate world and to recharge my batteries.

The plan was to start a new venture that was very meaningful to my business partner and me, but I had not yet found the time to actually do it. The never ending demands of my position from both my previous company and my clients made it very difficult to dedicate time and energy to work on something that was calling to my soul. I was tired and mentally exhausted, until worldwide COVID-19 started to change the world and then one day I received the call, that for most people would be devastating and very concerning, but for me it was the biggest relief and a blessing in the sky… I was laid off!

Within a couple of days, my flight was cancelled by the airline and international travel was shut down around the world. It was the stop that I exactly needed. After taking a couple of days off, My Relo Solution was born in Canada and I found a real purpose in my life, career and how to help people.

The journey of immigrating and starting a new life started for me a long time ago. The first time I moved to a new country was twenty two years ago. Since then I have lived in Spain, Greece, Dubai, Baku-Azerbaijan and then finally Canada.

Out of all my new beginnings Canada was the most challenging one. I was not prepared for the cultural differences and how settling down would take a lot longer than anywhere else I had previously lived. I learned that the hard way, as many other new expats to Canada that I have met over the years. My business partner, Rebecca Narr had similar challenges and frustrations during her immigration process that resembled my own, though we were in two different cities and used a different program at the time.

The idea of helping incoming expats with My Relo Solution’s services and products was a natural fit for us.

We are passionate about helping people with a new start and understanding the challenges through our own experiences and despite the initial fear that COVID-19 brought on, the push it provided me to pursue my dream is amazing. I have seen in the last four to five years working in the corporate housing industry the repeated questions and concerns that expats have and the lack of help they were given. In the last six months through my new venture, it has honestly changed my life and had a positive impact on everything. The way I can help people around the world is empowering and meaningful. I am extremely grateful for this chance to stop for a second and change my path which COVID-19 brought and I challenge those who find themselves in a similar situation to do the same. COVID-19 does not have to be the end but can be the beginning to something new and exciting…

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