We know the challenges and excitement of a new start.

With over 40 years of combined experience in hospitality and 10 years in the corporate housing industry, Rebecca and Krisztina have all the experience, knowledge and network across Canada to provide and create a positive and great experience for individuals and corporations with their new start in a city.

Co-Founder / Owner

Krisztina Duggal

From a very early age my passion has always been to help people to have unique and authentic experiences. Whether it was as a tour leader, a local guide, organizing events, festivals, corporate retreats or helping with accommodation solutions, providing a service that makes a difference in people’s life and helps them having a positive experience was always my goal.
With 20 years of experience in hospitality, events management and in the corporate housing industry in Europe, The Middle East and North America I have gone through multiple times settling down in a new city/country, immigrating to Canada and moving from one continent to another. Both professionally and personally I know the pain points, the challenges and the excitement of a new start. I would like to make this process the absolute best experience for everyone who is starting a new chapter in their life in Canada.
Co-Founder / Owner

Rebecca Narr

Experiencing immigration from Europe to North America through government programs was a lengthy and sometimes overwhelming process with great rewards and results. Building a new life in Canada is an amazing experience, but was challenging at the beginning with all the information and processes provided to me.

Working in the hospitality and corporate housing industry for the last 20 years gave me a great international experience and insight on business travelers and project relocation needs and issues. I am deeply involved in both the international business community and Canadian focused projects and initiatives and I passionately love connecting with people around the world. My Relo Solution's services make it possible to provide solutions to challenges that people face when starting in a new city/country and to make a difference in Newcomers life.

Certified In Human Recourse Management (HRM), Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR) and Certified Resume Writer

Martin Franz

With an education in Human Resource Management from the International Business Management Institute in Berlin and being a member of the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada (APRC) Martin gained experience in multiple industries and Leadership roles. His involvement in the hiring and interviewing process will give each candidate a head start towards the competition when it comes to creating an outstanding application package and being prepared for a job interview

The latest partnership with My Relo Solution has evolved from helping new Grads and International Students as a mentor to find employment in Canada by communicating the ‘Canadian way’ of job search and the application process. 

I am looking forward to meeting you virtually or in-person to discuss how we can help you on your path to become part of the Canadian Work Force - ‘Welcome to Canada’

International Relations Manager

Kata Molnar

I've always loved working with people and helping them achieve their dreams. To achieve goals, you need persistent work and good relationships. I spent most of my life in the hospitality industry, which taught me how to find common ground with people and how to quickly and easily identify how I can be of help to them.

As International Relations Manager, my role is to manage international clients, identify and manage international partnerships, help develop and implement initiatives. I was very excited to have the opportunity to be part of something bigger at this company, to help build good relationships and bring people together to achieve their goals and change their lives.
Client Relations

Julissa Segura

I’m originally from the Dominican Republic.  I have more than 10 years of experience in the hospitality and corporate housing industry. Almost 6 years ago I started a journey to a new country and culture that offers all the opportunities and securities I always wanted, I moved to Canada as a Permanent Resident first and then became a citizen.

As an immigrant, I lived the situations and concerns that any newcomer has: fill numerous forms and paperwork, find accommodation short and long term, sign kids into school, buy the proper cloth and shoes for the seasons, understanding the local process to find a job, buy a new phone, use the public transportation, get the driver’s license, etc. I feel so identified with this project that tries to assist so many people who also want to embark on this new, exciting and sometimes scary adventure and hope that my experience helps me provide the best assistance and support.

Program Officer

David Martins

What our clients say about us

"Hired Rebecca from My Relo Solution to help us organize our move back to Canada. She immediately provided us with movers, healthcare providers, information on bringing our cars back. With Rebecca's help, we were able to get a large number of items checked off our list."

I highly recommend this service.." - Rosemary B.

"Rebecca has been extremely helpful to us in making our move to Vancouver from the US! She is very responsive, answers our questions clearly and with as much detail as we need, and is clearly very well informed regarding the whole process. We are so happy we found her!." - Barry Lee B.

"We came as Permanent Residents from Dubai. Rebecca helped us to fully settle in Ottawa within weeks (including quarantine). She was always available and really knowledgeable of the Canadian system. I would recommend my Relo solution to every newcomer. Keep it up.. - Mehdi K.

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We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals across Canada who are passionate about helping Newcomers and providing high level of services to make our New Canadians welcome, and be Ambassadors to #MyReloMadeEasy. Contact us to become part of the movement!

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