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Immigration & Job search journey

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  • It Saves you time
  • It Saves you money
  • You won't have to stress
  • We will make settling down easy for you by        learning from our experience

Relocation & Housing journey

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  • It Saves you time
  • It Saves you money
  • Less stress when you leave it up to the local professionals
  • We will make settling down Easy with local knowledge

Saving Money

Having the correct information about the required paperwork, translation and proofs can save you a lot of time and thousands of dollars during your first weeks and months in Canada. During your pre-consultation, our team will ensure that you have all the correct information to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Less Stress

Trying to find all the information that is individually applicable for you can be time consuming and fairly stressful. We have a solution for you with our Welcome to Canada Personalized Guide. It's customized for you, based on your personal situation. Our team will coordinate everything about your orientation day, we will arrange your transportation, how to get to your appointments and help you take care of your chosen tasks. We have you covered!

Saving Time

We have already researched and learned from 20 years of experience the important information that you need to know about Canada, your new city and settling down. You can leave scheduling appointments, navigating in a new city to a local professional, who will design your day to get as much as possible done during your designated time.

MyRelo Made Easy

We will make settling down Easy for you without having to learn from your mistakes. Our Guides make transitions to your new city simple and easy, because you will be prepared. With our personal attention, orientation of your new city, neighbourhood and environment, settling down will feel MyRelo Made Easy.

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